Thursday, 24. May 2012
Meet Lia Böhmer - coordinator of the Austrian delegation and assistant4peace

Lia Böhmer

Hey, I am Lia!
I am Evelyn’s and Ronny's daughter. ;) I am 22 years old and used to be a participant of the first peacecamps!! Now I grew up and changed from the participant group to the adult group. :D Now I will be the coordinator of the Austrian group.
In about four weeks (18.6) I will finish my studies. I will be a social worker then. Actually a little bit frightening ;) But with you I will spend my last holidays. As I will start working after that summer, this will be the last summer I have NOTHING to do ;) hahaha So, I am really looking forward to meet you all! See you soon! Bye!


zlatko zlatarić, 7/14/13, 10:10 AM
hallo lia Vor 20 Jahren war ich befreundet mit deinem Vater. Seitdem haben wir keine Kontakte mehr. Ich würde gerne mit ihm wieder Kontakt zu haben. Kannst Du bitte Ihm meine mail Adresse zu senden? Regard Zlatko